DevOps Engineer

Join us as a DevOps expert and link our product teams with our operational units!

Frequent exchange and communication among production, operation, customers and providers allows you to define and improve the DevOps procedures and processes on product and operational level. As a DevOps engineer you develop and agree on a DevOps implementation roadmap, you are driving the implementation of the defined DevOps processes and you prepare and manage the used tool set.

Your tasks will include

  • Being responsible for defining, maintaining and improving the DevOps roadmap for the product
  • Implement and improve the continuous integration (CI) pipeline, by considering the CI guidelines and recommendations defined for the product line to facilitate highly automated build, deployment and test management processes
  • Collaborate across involved teams to streamline the integration and release processes
  • Introduce, maintain and provide DevOps tools and procedures
  • Monitor the configuration, maintenance and usage of environments configured with physical or virtual machines as well as cloud based infrastructures
  • Cooperate closely with other DevOps engineers, software architects, product teams and involved operational units
  • Support the production teams to successfully implement and adapt the defined DevOps procedures
  • Align the DevOps tool chain and procedures with agile and traditional software development methods
  • Consult development and operational units and customers in applying the DevOps approach
  • Analyze and optimize the used DevOps procedures and tools to reach highest stability and performance levels
  • Provide adequate documentation, guidelines and consulting for the proper implementation of the agreed DevOps standards
  • Verify the compliance to the defined DevOps rules and recommendations

You are looking for us, if You have

  • University degree preferred in IT/Business Informatics or engineering or respective work experience in the IT area
  • Practical experience in software engineering or in DevOps processes and operations
  • Ability to solve complex problems by strong methodical / analytical approach
  • Ability to assume responsibility and distinct ability to develop proposals that are ready for decision-making, taking into account product specific and economic principles
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Willingness to travel
  • A passion for improving the software development lifecycle focusing on continuous integration and automation
  • Experience with continuous integration platforms such as Jenkins, source code management tools, such as Git and DevOps tools, such as Ansible, Kubernetes
  • Knowledge about Client/Server and cloud architectures on LINUX/UNIX (scripting, bash),data bases, and microservice concepts
  • Knowledge of software integration processes, logging mechanisms and test automation

Állás adatai

Pozíció megnevezés: DevOps Engineer
Munkavégzés helye: Budapest
Terület: Szoftvertesztelés
Napi munkaidő: 8
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