Engineering Competence Lead (backend)

Be one of our Engineering Competence Leads who enthusiastically provides professional competency to support LSY business!

Your responsibilities will include

  • Representing your engineering competence within the engineering team and across organizational domains
  • Actively maintaining and developing the corresponding Community of Practice
  • Supporting financial budget planning for competence development
  • Defining competence quality measures together with the CTO
  • Making sure amended KPIs will hit target
  • Supporting various stakeholders in continuous improvement of delivery quality
  • Researching, introducing and establishing new technologies and methods
  • Creating and maintaining your technology roadmap
  • Supporting educational and carrier development activities
  • Supporting new projects and actively participating in existing projects
  • Evangelizing your engineering competence within LSY
  • Representing the engineering team on internal and external events


You will be good for this position, if You

  • Are a Software Architect or a Senior Technical Lead
  • Have senior level of technical skills for your engineering competence
  • Have 7+ years of relevant engineering background
  • Are always researching for the latest and greatest technology solutions
  • Understand and have experience with legacy technologies
  • Have experience working in a matrix organisation
  • Have worked in agile environment
  • Have strategic thinking mindset
  • Have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Have mentoring and coaching experience
  • Aware of the latest technology trends in your area
  • Can represent your Community of Practice to various audience
  • Are happy to work on real-life projects in some part of your time



  • Required technologies: Java, Python
  • Preferred technologies: Go, Rust, Erlang/Elixir, JavaScript
  • Architecture Design: modular monoliths, microservices, domain driven design
  • Application Design: Event Sourcing, CQRS, Saga
  • Tools: Kafka, Jenkins, Sonar, JMeter, Gatling, JUnit
  • Java Frameworks: Spring Boot, JBOSS
  • Experience in creating Cloud Native solutions:
    • DevOps and SSDLC (Jenkins, SonarQube, OWASP, Veracode)
    • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
    • Telemetry (e.g. Prometheus)
    • Cloud computing experience with IaaS/PaaS/SaaS layers preferably in MS Azure
    • R&D experience is a plus in the field of machine learning, analytical forecasting and prediction with R, Databricks, PowerBI or Tableau

Állás adatai

Pozíció megnevezés: Engineering Competence Lead (backend)
Munkavégzés helye: Budapest vagy Szeged
Terület: Leadership
Nyelvek: Angol
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