How do we select?

If, by means of your application, you get selected among the most appropriate applicants, after a short phone conversation you will be invited for a personal interview. The purpose of the interview is to get an overall picture of you, your knowledge and your former experiences. Afterwards one or several professional tests might follow.

In case of positive assessment of your application after the first round you will be invited for a personal conversation with our professional leader so that we can obtain comprehensive information about your competences and experiences.

On the third occasion you will meet with the senior manager responsible for the relevant area. The successful selection procedure will be closed by presenting you a concrete offer.

On some occasions we depart from our selection procedure of three rounds if justified by the characteristics of the given position.

Meet our company
Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft. was founded in 1995 as the first international subsidiary of Lufthansa Systems. At present more than 750 highly qualified employees work in our Budapest and Szeged offices. Our core activity is the development, testing and operation of aviation industry applications. Apart from that we offer IT solutions to clients of other industrial branches, too.
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  • How to apply?You can submit your application for an advertised job or you can send it as a general application.
  • How do we choose?Our future employees go through a three-round interview process.
  • Our trainings and benefitsWe offer a very attractive benefit package and training portfolio to our employees.