JavaScript Developer

Are you experienced in JavaScript? Are you motivated to ensure quality and share your knowledge among highly skilled professionals?

Lufthansa Systems’ dynamically growing Frontend Developer Team is looking for new members in various seniority levels. You will be liable for service-based front-end development and will have the possibility to get acquainted with the airline business domains (In-flight Entertainment and other innovated solutions). So join us and work on the development of B2B and B2C web applications!

Your responsibilities will be to

  • Develop and maintain front-end components by applying technologies such as React and mainly Angular 2+
  • Conduct tests by using Jest/ Enzyme as primary testing frameworks
  • Have code ownership and quality awareness
  • Code review and testing
  • Keep contact with partners, customers

You are the ideal candidate, if You

  • Have at least 3 years experiences in desktop/ web development and have deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Have good understanding of agile software development processes
  • Are passionate to be up-to-date in new JS technologies
  • Are able to communicate in English both spoken and written
  • Have willingness to learn and take responsibility for your work and projects
  • Have good cooperative and communication skills

You will have a chance to

  • Attend meetups and trainings which enhance your professional development
  • Take part in greenfield and innovation projects which leave plenty of space for new ideas
  • Be part of development community

 Advantage if you have

  • React Native knowledge
  • Team player attitude with flexible mindset
What are the benefits of joining us as an employee?
  • Even when you work hard, you will still have time for your personal life: our flexible working hours based on core time, the exact observance of the designated number of working hours, the occasional option of working from home, and the benefits that can be extended to cover your family you can also improve your non-working life!
  • We have long-term plans for you! We have carefully designed career paths (and a career management system), we provide the appropriate training courses and projects to accomplish your aims.
  • Our community is characterized by mutual respect and an attitude of helpfulness. This high professional quality level and the colorful personalities will help you spend your everyday life in a good mood, why you make the best of your skills and talents.
  • We are happy when you are open and help you discover the world: after six months you will receive substantial discounts that you can use to visit any place in the world taking Lufthansa flights!
  • In addition to an inclusive and helpful atmosphere, trust is also an important value for us. You can rely on us with anything right from your first day, and we also trust you to the utmost extent.
What does a member of your future team think?

"The UI Implementation Team is one of the most recent teams of our company. We prepared the implementation of the user interfaces of applications, which we develop on a web basis, in JavaScript. Within our company, our team has been a trailblazer in the new, technology-based development approach. Since our establishment in 2013 we have completed more than 20 successful projects and since then we have been working constantly on the development of 5-6 projects.

We follow the state-of-the-art technological trends enthusiastically, and as soon as we get an opportunity to use new things, we do it gladly and proudly. Naturally, we choose our actually used technologies according to the expectations of the customers.

We have teammates rather than team members on our team, persons who are driven by professional motivation and exciting, successful projects. We have a great atmosphere in our office, with external-internal, professional and non-professional programs. Some of our colleagues are junior workers with experiences of only a few months, some are professionals with experiences of several years and some are seniors who have been in the trade for quite a long time. Once every few weeks we organize a TechTalk, in order to share our development with one another in an organized form, and to stimulate or keep up one another's interests in certain topics. We are always excited when new colleagues are about to join, we try to introduce them quickly to the corporate culture, the tools used by our team and to our old and new projects.

It strengthens my personal attachment that since the launch of the very first project I have been part of the team, which has grown from the initial headcount of 5 to more than 20 over the years. From the very beginning, the topics of the projects have made my work more exciting, i.e. the fact that we develop such solutions, applications for airlines that make the everyday work of the staff working for our customers more comfortable, more enjoyable."


Details of position

Position name: JavaScript Developer
Place of work: Budapest
Job contract type: Indefinite duration
Daily work hours: 8
Languages: English (Intermediate level)
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