Benefits for our employees


We feel that the training of our employees is extremely important, as their work creates value, providing our company's most important asset.

  • Within the framework of our COMPETENCY AND CAREER-MANAGEMENT system, which has been in place for several years and is continuously developing since then, our employees work with their supervisors to develop a personalised development plan. It sets out short- and long-term career goals, and links these to specific professional training programmes that support the development of the individual most effectively.
  • In addition to professional training programmes, we also consider it important to DEVELOP PERSONAL COMPETENCIES such as communication, time management, better understanding of intercultural cooperation or constructive conflict management.
  • Besides the training programmes offered by our external partners, we also place a strong emphasis on the knowledge transfer among our colleagues. This is the main idea behind the creation of LSYH TECH TALKS, where our professionals can learn from each other. The series of lectures gives all employees the opportunity to give presentations or training sessions on their area of work or on the knowledge and technologies they consider important.
  • We ensure that our employees can continuously improve their language skills through our company’s LANGUAGE TRAINING.
  • We also provide financial and professional consultancy support for our colleagues' HIGHER EDUCATION TRAINING.
  • We provide dedicated time (several days a year) for our employees to participate in private or company-organised training programmes.


In addition to individual development opportunities, we offer our employees an attractive benefits package. Besides a competitive basic salary, this includes the following elements:

  • We provide our colleagues with an outstanding HUF amount of CAFETERIA FRAMEWORK, with various elements allowed by the relevant government regulations and tax laws:
    • SZÉP card (Széchenyi recreation card)
    • Reimbursement for nursery and kindergarten services
    • Tickets for cultural and sports events
    • Community car and bicycle use
    • Cash payment
    from wich everyone can choose the benefits that are most favourable to them.
  • How do we assess outstanding performance?
    • Outstanding individual productivity is rewarded with the PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE award.
    • We recognise outstanding joint team efforts and successes with the TEAM AWARD.
    • Furthermore, we recognise our colleauges’ efforts for each other and the development of the community with the CONNECT+ and SOCIAL AWARDS.
  • We also reward our employees’ LONG-TERM COMMITMENT to our company with various benefits, such as free flights.
  • In addition, we highly reward our employees for attracting new employees to the company through their direct EMPLOYEE REFERRAL.


As a special benefit, after 6 months of employment, we offer our employees standby flight opportunities with a substantial LIST PRICE DISCOUNT on Lufthansa Group airlines, so that they can explore the world and gain new experiences and knowledge.


We believe that our employees’ weel-being and fitness is a priority, therefore we provide the following items free of charge to help them stay healthy:

  • CORPORATE HEALTH INSURANCE PACKAGE at one of the largest private healthcare providers with nationwide coverage, offering a wide range of outpatient care, laboratory tests, and diagnostic options for our employees.
  • Regular FRESH FRUIT is available in our office café.
  • Opportunity for OCCUPATIONAL PHYSICIAN examination and consultation within the office.
  • We regularly organise HEALTH DAYS, during which various specialists and health advisers offer examination and consultation opportunities.
  • We provide FLU VACCINATION for our colleagues and their close relatives.
  • PRIVATE CONSULTATION OPPORTUNITY in case of individual difficulties with the company’s organisational psychologist.
  • Our employees can participate in our company’s online YOGA training sessions, which are held in the office on a weekly basis.
  • Our DRESSING ROOMS WITH SHOWERS enable our employees to continue their work refreshed after a morning or daytime exercise, or after arriving at work by bike.

Our LOUNGES, equipped with comfortable armchairs, game consoles and dining corners, provide the opportunity to relax in our offices in Budapest and Szeged.


We are proud of our friendly, supportive and inclusive organisational culture, which provides the pillars of our company’s various community programmes:

  • Our regular COMPANY DIALOGUE event ensures transparency to our employees regarding the company's performance and vision, and enables them to engage in direct dialogue with the senior management.
  • Our employees can showcase the exciting and innovative developments they are working on at external, professional CONFERENCES AND MEETUPs.
  • END OF THE YEAR CHRISTMAS PARTY, where we say goodby to the year with music and dancing after a nice dinner.
  • TRAVEL FORUM, where our colleagues share useful and exciting experiences from their travels.
  • THE DRAGONBOAT RACE is based on the competition of teams organized by the employees and an informal award ceremony party afterwards.
  • GROUP PROGRAMMES are organised at sectoral and group levels, up to several times a year.
  • We believe it is important to operate responsibly, which is why our colleagues can also participate in various joint CHARITY AND SUSTAINABILITY activities.


In addition, we offer our colleagues the following benefits:

  • A FLEXIBLE WORKING SCHEDULE, allowing our colleagues to adapt the balance between home and office work according to their individual needs.
  • FREE PARKING for cars, motorbikes and bicycles in the underground garage of our Budapest office.
  • We offer for our employees and their family members highly discounted COMPANY MOBILE PHONE PREPAYMENT schemes.
  • Our employees work on state-of-the-art NOTEBOOKS, which are replaced every 4 years and they may receive the old ones FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Discounts for purchasing used company IT EQUIPMENT (desktops, monitors, etc.).
  • A wide range of quality COFFEE is available in our office, at a symbolic price.
  • We welcome the newborn children of our colleagues with a GIFT BAG.
  • The DISCOUNT CATALOGUES (a local one and another one available for Lufthansa Group's employees globally) offer our employees discounts from more than 600 companies, from discounted car rental to accommodation reservations and bank accounts.
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Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft. was founded in 1995 as the first international subsidiary of Lufthansa Systems. At present more than 750 highly qualified employees work in our Budapest and Szeged offices. Our core activity is the development, testing and operation of aviation industry applications. Apart from that we offer IT solutions to clients of other industrial branches, too.
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