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The personal development of our staff is of special importance to our company. Our employees' work is our most important asset.

For years, we have been offering a career and competence management system, which is continuously being further developed. This allows our employees to elaborate a personal improvement plan jointly with their superiors. This personalized plan defines short and long-term career goals and the technical or skill development trainings or language courses required to reach these goals. This system ensures that the personal growth of our employees is supported in the most suitable and efficient way.

In addition to the professional training we put emphasis on the development of such personal competences as communication, better understanding of cooperation between the different cultures or constructive conflict management. In addition to the above, we also boost our company culture with team-building exercises, which are held in an open and informal atmosphere.

Besides external trainings, we focus on encouraging our colleagues to share their experiences with each other. We believe that sharing knowledge is one of the best ways of learning. This was the key idea behind starting the LSYH Talks knowledge-exchange series, which allows our experts learning from each other.

LSYH Talks enables every employee to hold presentations or trainings on their work area or on topics or technologies that they find important. By continuously extending the spectrum of the presentations and trainings held by our colleagues, we would like to bring the teams and employees closer to each other so that they get to know each other’s professional activities and establish a common knowledge base.

In addition to the trainings for personal development mentioned above, we also provide an attractive compensation package to our employees. Our cafeteria budget has an outstanding amount in Hungary, allowing our colleagues to benefit from a great variety of elements and to choose those benefits that suit them best.

Every employee takes part in individual trainings and, additionally, in individual performance assessments. The bonuses they receive are based on the results achieved.

Since our company is a member of the Lufthansa Group, our employees are entitled to a very special benefit: after 6 months of employment they have standby flight option for Lufthansa flights with a significant discount on the list price, so that their knowledge can grow by closely experiencing other parts of the world.

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Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft. was founded in 1995 as the first international subsidiary of Lufthansa Systems. At present more than 500 highly qualified employees work in our Budapest and Szeged offices. Our core activity is the development, testing and operation of aviation industry applications. Apart from that we offer IT solutions to clients of other industrial branches, too.
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  • Our trainings and benefitsWe offer a very attractive benefit package and training portfolio to our employees.